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Daily Processing For Permission Set Access

I came across a use case earlier this month where a Salesforce business owner needed to be able to role out some functionality in a series of waves. Basically, the business was planning on running a pilot with a subset of users for a period of time and then at some interval they planned on granting access to additional users. The business owners wanted to be able to maintain that access and they wanted to be able to turn it on easily. [...]

Apex Unit Test: SOQL Filter

Today I participated in an online meeting, which discussed some of the "best practices" for testing Apex code, Visualforce pages, etc. One of the topics that was pretty much skipped but came up during the Q&A portion of the meeting was regarding how to ensure that the test code you write refrains from grabbing any actual live production data and only grabs the records created to facilitate the test. They discussed one way to do this but I have another and I thought it could be useful to other developers. [...]

Salesforce Batch Apex - Invalid Query Locator

I recently encountered an 'Invalid Query Locator' error while developing a batch Apex class that took me too long to resolve. I was able to trial & error my way through it until I got the code to work but I found it very frustrating that I was unable to find a solution on another developer board or blog. So here's my attempt at helping others that may encounter this problem. [...]

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