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Pass Values to New Opportunity Using Apex

Last year I wrote a post describing how to pass values to a new opportunity using the URL. This post is simply an alternative to accomplish the same goal of auto-populating values to a new record except using Visualforce and an Apex Class controller. For the purposes of our demonstration we will make some general assumptions about the values we want to pass to the new record. To keep it simple we plan on populating the Name, Stage and Close Date of the new opportunity. We will also make the logic flexible enough so that if Salesforce happens to pass additional information we will be able to include those key value pairs as well. [...]

Pass Values to New Opportunity Using URL

Pass values to a new Opportunity via a custom button using nothing but the URL. This can be useful if you want to default some values on the detail page when new records are being created. It can save your Users some time so they don't need to fill out every field. It will also allow you to provide some guidance for values you want provided when new records are created in your organization. [...]

Clone Salesforce Records Using a Custom Button Or Link

Almost four years ago I wrote the first post for this blog. That post had to do with passing field values in a URL in order to populate those values on an edit page. What's interesting is that the original post still gets a ton of traffic. So I'd like to expand on that topic again in this post and illustrate how you can build on that original logic in order to do something useful. In this case, I want to create a custom button that will clone a User record and remove certain fields so that I don't have to fill out so much information when I create new Users. [...]

Pre-popoulate Salesforce Lookup Fields Using URL Parameters

A few years ago I wrote a post about how to populate information into Salesforce fields by navigating the User from page to page. I received a lot of good feedback on that post and the logic for it pretty much remains unchanged today. The intent of that original post was to identify how an administrator could use button overrides to get a User from one page to another and still auto-fill some of the details for the next page on behalf of the User. Go here to see my original post. [...]

Grant Login Access Using a Link and sControl

If you have ever been an administrator of Salesforce for any organization, you have inevitably had to request that a user grant you login access in order to assist them with a question or issue for which they requested your assistance. I know whenever I needed someone to grant me login access to their Id I would send them an Email with instructions. [...]

Pre-populate Fields Using URL Parameters

For my example I am going to pre-populate some fields on the contacts object. Now the contacts object (like all salesforce objects) has what salesforce sometimes refers to as a front door for the URL. Quite simply the front door for the contacts tab is "/003/o". The front door for a new contact would be "/003/e". If you want to see what the front door is for any object simply click the tab for the object. The front door is the three characters directly following the "" portion of the URL while you are on the tab's "home" screen. Further examples; Opportunities home is "/006/o", Accounts home is "/001/o". If you want to add a new record for the object you simply change the "o" portion of the front door to an "e". I know I wrote that the front door was three characters but I think you get my drift here. [...]

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