Version 1.9

Available 20 December 2018.

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New Features

  • European Central Bank API integration option.
  • Removal of API integration option.
  • Update Visualforce Pages, Apex Classes and Visualforce Components to version 44.0 of the Salesforce API.
  • Migration to @isTest annotation for test class coverage.
  • New application scheduling options
    • Quarterly
    • Semi-Annually
    • First Day in period
    • Last Day in period
    • First Weekday in period
    • Last Weekday in period
  • Changed links within user interface and email templates from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Org Id & instance added to success/failure notification emails.
  • Ability to re-process exchange rates for a given date.

Notable Bug-fixes

  • Reducing application storage overhead by removing EmailMessage records based upon log deletion settings in application cache.
    • SELECT Id FROM EmailMessage WHERE (Subject = 'Salesforce Exchange Rate: Failure(s)!' OR Subject = 'Salesforce Exchange Rates Updated') AND ActivityId = null AND ParentId = null AND RelatedToId = null AND HasAttachment = false
  • Corrected some spelling errors.

Outstanding Issues

  • When unscheduling the application you receive a message that the job was removed from the queue but the UI shows the job as still being scheduled.
    • The job is truly unscheduled but the UI doesn't reflect the latest state.

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