Version 1.8

Available 19 February 2018.

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New Features

  • Redesigned the layout of the log records to provide more accurate details such as number of currencies updated, duration of update, start and end of update processing. Grouped log records by day instead of ISO Code. Made ISO details available in a more meaningful manner.
  • Migrated some graphic and stylesheet references to static resource from webserver location.
  • Removed the Yahoo! API endpoint as it is it was discontinued at the end of 2017.
  • Allow for use of closing rate from previous day for certain exchange rate APIs
    • Currency Layer
    • Open Exchange Rates
  • Added a few new fields to the API response object to allow for more useful summary level details to be displayed within the application interface.
    • Completion Date
    • Duration
    • Duration Hours
    • Duration Minutes
    • Duration Seconds
    • Start Date
  • Created a link directly to the checkout page for use by Orgs that are in trial or expired modes.
  • Logic for determining if the application is out-of-date and options for upgrading to latest version.

Notable Bug-fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing population of Log Status values during specific data scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the proper association of failure records with API response detail records.

Outstanding Issues

  • When unscheduling the application you receive a message that the job was removed from the queue but the UI shows the job as still being scheduled.
    • The job is truly unscheduled but the UI doesn't reflect the latest state.

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