Beta Legacy Version 0.9

First offered to select customers on 1 August 2016.

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New Features

The whole damn thing is new! Other than that, here are some notable features:

Exchange Rate Platform Integration


Currency Layer
  • 168 ISO Codes
  • Requires API key
  • 31 ISO Codes
Open Exchange Rates
  • 171 ISO Codes
  • Requires API key
  • 164 ISO Codes
  • Requires API key
  • 167 ISO Codes

Integration suitability checking

Using the organizations default currency and defined currencies, checks that the integration platform contains responses for all ISO codes. Simple visual indicators allows for ease of use and comprehension

Application Scheduling

Frequency Options

Schedule the application to run every day or selected days / months.

Start Times

Flexibility for any hour / minute combination.

Cancelation Option

You may stop the application with a click of a button.

Notification Settings


Email for Success, Failure or both.


Email to more than one email address (if necessary).


Audit Tracking

Exchange Rate Platform

Last API response from exchange rate vendor.

Exchange Rate Updates

Interaction logs track each rate change within Salesforce.

Log Clean Up

Automatic deletion based upon business timeframe.

Notable Bug-fixes

This is a list of items that have been addressed throughout the beta release cycle based upon testing, troubleshooting and pilot customer feedback.

Null API Responses

Handle null response from Interactive Ties API when Salesforce batch processing exceeds time duration.

Batch Processing

Ability to handle multiple batches from Interactive Ties endpoint via OAuth.

RSF Calcs

Ability to handle reprocessing of dated exchange rates due to rollup summary field calculation errors.

Outstanding Issues

  • When unscheduling the application you receive a message that the job was removed from the queue but the UI shows the job as still being scheduled.
    • The job is truly unscheduled but the UI doesn't reflect the latest state.

Previous Releases